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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Free CD by John Piper

is now offering free CDs by John Piper. A special thanks should also be given to Desiring God ministry for providing the material. The CDs are free except for a $5 shipping fee. Having listened to two of the CDs, I can assure you that they are all worth the 5 dollars. I believe that currently you may only get 1 CD.

Here are the four options:

John Piper's TULIP Seminar &
Sermons Series Romans 7-9

I advise against this one since Piper's sermons on Romans are free of charge already at Desiring God.

Men of Whom The World Was Not Worthy
These are the biographies for the Bethlehem Pastors conference from 1988-2005. This is the one that I got and I am very happy with it.

History of the Reformation by Tom Browning MP3 CD & Life Together: What is a Reformed Church?
I have listened to the Reformation History by Browning portion of the CD and found it very valuable.

Three of John Piper's most valuable Sermon Series.
With Bonus Sermons on the Pleasures of God NEW!
This has a total of 28 sermons on it. Since Piper is almost always fantastic, I am sure that this is no exception.

Also, as always is the case with Desiring God, you may freely copy the material and give it to your friends so long as you do not alter it or charge for it. I believe they also want it to say something about Desiring God.org and John Piper.

I strongly recommend this as a valuable addition to your MP3 Library.

If you are interested then you can click here to look at the four options!

In Christ alone,


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