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Thursday, December 08, 2005

A day I thought I would never see...

A day that I have not expected to come has finally arrived. It appears that there is actually going to be a legitamate discussion about the continuationist/cessationist debate. Tim Challies has managed to get some of the top speakers on both sides of the issue to agree to an interview. This week, representing the cessationists, is Dr. Sam Waldron. So far he has avoided the crucial mistake that nearly all cessationists make when beginning this discussion. Most feel inclined to jump to the abuses of the gifts (ie. Benny Hinn, Oral Roberts, etc.) and thus taint the water. Waldron has not done so and for this I am very thankful.
Representing the Continuationists is Wayne Grudem. He is probably the leading expert in the continuationist camp and I expect nothing less than excellence from him. His interview will start next week.

I hope that this can be a first step in quality discussion between the camps.

For the record, I would probably closest align myself with John Piper or Robert Saucy. I reject the cessationist view but very carefully and cautiously approach the gifts.

In Christ alone,


Blogger evanmay said...

I see you were able to add your header image. Very nice.

Actually, Wayne Grudem is not from SGM. He is from Vineyard, though he has done some work at SGM conferences and has been in close relationship with them.

Just a clarification. See ya around. :)

10:04 PM  
Blogger Mike Garner said...


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