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A. The fall brought mankind into a state of sin and misery.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Two Updates for Today

I don't normally update twice a day but here are some updates:

Update 1

One of my Elders, Kenny Clark, has a great article that goes with Valentine's Day. It discusses the Love of God made known in Christ. He also quotes John Piper heavily regarding a reviled savior. I strongly recommend reading this one.

Update 2

Many of you know that John Piper had prostate cancer. Some of you probably know that today he went in for his surgery.

Here are the initial reports:

"11:30 a.m.: The doctors reported to Noel that John’s prostate has been removed successfully and things are going well from what they can tell. They are now beginning reconstruction. After that, Pastor John will have about a 1-hour recovery period before he is taken to his room where Noel will be able to see him."


"1:30 p.m.: We got word that John Piper is out of surgery. His wife, Noël, reported that the procedure went “beautifully.” So praise God with us and continue to pray with us for John’s recovery. We will keep you updated."

Continued Prayer: Please pray for the recovery period and the coming days of healing.

News, as it comes out, will be posted here.

In Christ alone,


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